Why CrackedGlassCeiling.com?

This blog, CrackedGlassCeiling.com, is based on years of observing mid-level female managers depart from the workplace in general and from high-tech sectors in particular; ongoing and ubiquitous pay and promotion level disparities between mid- and upper-career women and men; and, more recently, the repeal of the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Executive Order. I don’t provide coaching services exclusively to women because I believe these trends jeopardize the stability and security of all people in the workplace. But I also believe that these patterns and events exacerbate the need for women to take inventory of individual strengths, acknowledge and address fears, and adopt strategies that will allow all of us — women and men — to thrive.

The good news is that a number of corporations are promoting measures to encourage women’s success. My personal hope is for conditions that promote women’s equality and advancement to prevail, and for mid-career women to apply their expertise and wisdom for personal as well as organizational benefit. While this blog cannot capture the depth of one-on-one coaching, it provides tips for navigating workplace labyrinths in support of your livelihood, and for creating bigger spaces for balance, healthfulness, and engagement in support of your liveliness.

Yes, liveliness and grace. Those qualities of enthusiasm, energy, and elegance that occupy the heart of who you are and the way in which you move through your life and your work. This blog — and the coaching services it represents — subscribes to the criticality of reigniting your liveliness and grace. It recognizes the forces (both internal and external) that can lead to stress, discouragement, and burnout in mid career, and it helps you say this to the barriers that hinder your energy, enthusiasm, and elegance: No more.