We rise early to avoid traffic and work longer to duck the layoff. Our HawthornTree2medicine cabinets are well stocked with numbing agents for the head, the heart, the gut, the soul. We go no deeper than the headlines, which leave us unsettled. We skid in on two wheels to social obligations.

In many cases, our efforts to balance careers, relationships, health, and even time have turned into juggling acts. The issue is no longer whether we can keep these balls in the air (we’ve already demonstrated our deft circus performance), but whether this pace is sustainable, and at what cost?

Personal & Professional Change Management

This is the time, in mid-career and amidst changing social, political, and corporate cultures, to assess options and make informed, purposeful decisions about next steps. It’s an opportunity to examine well-honed habits that were once beneficial but may now detract from a larger mission. Whether you are facing a transition, managing a crisis, recovering from compromised health, or seeking greater personal balance or professional achievement, seven factors will impact your progress:

  • Clarity: what is the current state? What are you grateful for and where are improvements needed?
  • Focus: what is your vision for the future?
  • Purpose: how does this change fit into your larger life mission?
  • Motivation: where does the impetus for change come from and have you fully bought into it?  Is your motivation peppered with any “shoulds?” (for example, I should spend more time exercising, reading, getting outside, eating healthfully)?
  • Obstacles: where are the gotchas — internal and external — that derail your efforts, and how can you overcome them?
  • Skill: what arrows are in your quiver, and where are the gaps?
  • Support: who can and will provide objective tips, guidance, and encouragement to persevere when you face obstacles.

Underlying these characteristics are your values — your rudder for making critical decisions and smart choices.  Without well articulated values, it can be easy to lose direction or become overwhelmed by external events.

Hawthorn Coaching & Consulting

Hawthorn Coaching & Consulting is a visionary and creative small business that combines out-of-the box and traditional approaches to help mid-career professionals manage transitions, relieve anxiety, and implement strategies for better health and greater abundance. One-on-one coaching and group workshops offer techniques for addressing each of the factors listed above, providing you with the opportunity to:

  • set realistic priorities based on your core values and needs
  • recognize and shift limiting perspectives and beliefs
  • develop clear and effective communication
  • move forward, even when events have knocked you off balance or leave you feeling stuck
  • manage tension and reduce stress, including relief from symptoms of burnout
  • engage in long-lasting, manageable healthy habits
  • restore energy and enthusiasm

With guidance from Hawthorn Coaching & Consulting, clients design and implement solutions that clarify direction, overcome obstacles, and achieve measurable goals within a determined time frame.

What are you waiting for? Request a 15-minute free consultation today.

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